Compared to the value it brings to your business, the cost of an animated video is small.

The animations we produce are business tools, designed by a team of marketers and video specialists, to bring you the desired results.

In addition, we offer unique benefits that most competitors can’t match:

  • we create videos from scratch (from concept to completion), based on just your business needs and problems.  We do this because we are not only animators, but also marketing experts;
  • we offer you recommendations for how and where to use the animation;
  • we guarantee that the project will be delivered on time and will be to your liking (we offer unlimited revisions – see our Satisfaction Guarantee).

We offer 2D video animation as a B2B service, and we build each offer according to the needs of each client and our vision for the project. Therefore, prices differ from case to case, because no two solutions are identical.

As a ballpark figure, most of our projects fit in the range of 1200-2900 USD.