How important is the quality of my videos?

The quality of any company video, including animated videos, is associated by the customer with the image and quality of your company’s products and services. A video that looks cheap indicates a brand of dubious value. And it’s not just us who say it. Several studies show that over 60% of consumers are thinking about […]

Where can I use an animated video?

Anywhere! On the company’s homepage, on landing pages, on the Facebook page, on Instagram, on YouTube, on LinkedIn, in PPC campaigns on all platforms, on TVs in the company’s headquarters, during event breaks, in exhibition booths, on TV, indoor and outdoor… anywhere! As long as potential customers have the chance to watch your video, they’ll […]

How, exactly, does a video animation help my business?

Do you want more customers? Then we’ll make one or more animated videos designed to attract customers, explain your services, or to position your brand as an authority. Do you want your salespeople to spend less time answering simple questions and more time selling? We’ll create an animation that answers the most frequently asked questions. […]

Why should I hire you and not another video/animation company?

Before we tell you about our experience in the fields of video production and marketing, we’d like to tell you the most important thing you should keep in mind: by working with us, you’ll know 100% that we will deliver on time, we won’t issue any additional charges along the way and you will receive […]

Is this better than me making an animation from a video templates site?

How much do you value your brand image? Can you imagine what your brand will look like to your customers when you use exactly the same template that thousands of other businesses use? Your brand will look cheap! And the results will be… zero! Each company has a different personality and message to convey. Your […]

What’s the hands-free experience?

The hands-free experience involves an exchange of only a few emails – at each stage of the animation we will present certain concepts and we will ask you for approval to continue. Our experience in video marketing will help us create the custom animated video with the highest chances to bring you maximum results. In […]

How involved should I be in the animation process?

You can choose to be as involved as you want. Most customers choose the hands-free experience, which means that they give us total freedom in creating the best animation for their business. Experience shows us that this is the most efficient and fastest way to work for our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee? What is that?

We make sure the final video is a perfect fit for you. To this end, we will make as many changes as needed to make the end result exactly as you want it. Typically, production companies offer a limited number of only 2-3 revisions over the course of an animation project.

How can i trust that the animation will be to my liking?

We are 100% sure that you will like the resulting animated video, because all the concepts and ideas start from your needs. But, to be even more confident about the result, during the production we’ll show you some screenshots/short cuts from the animation and we will consult with you to make sure that we are […]